The History of Graffiti in Fashion

At the beginning in New York City, graffiti writers like Phase 2 and Lady Pink started the concept of combining graffiti art with fashion by putting their designs instead of on walls or the side of trains but onto clothing like jackets, shoes, hats, and other pieces of clothing. This combination created an urban phenomenon that rapidly grew in popularity.

While this was a unique idea at the time, soon, the concept of combining art and fashion would be making big splashes in the fashion industry.

Graffiti art from the walls of cities across the US can be a controversial issue because of its roots. However, graffiti has made its way into the hearts of many people because they find the art form inspiring, raw, and authentic. Anyone taking a closer look finds that beneath the style of graffiti is a rich historical foundation of hip hop, and it's unifying principals and practices of unity and inclusivity. At the heart of all graffiti is a commitment to empowerment and celebration of urban expression.

One of the most iconic designers to first use graffiti in fashion was Stephen Sprouse. Sprouse combined Fifth Avenue with street style apparel. His signatures products were ones that used Day-Glo colors and graffiti-printed clothing.


His first significant success with his new way of designing was clothes sold at Bergdorf Goodman, Henri Bendel, and other boutiques. These products had high quality, expensive fabrics that Sprouse painted himself. Besides this unique characteristic, his clothes also included all-black palettes, mirrored sequins, high-tech materials, and Velcro attachments.

In 1987, Sprouse came up with another interesting idea and produced a line that used Andy Warhol as inspiration. In this line of clothing, it used Warhol's camouflage as a screen print and abstract graffiti prints of Jesus that was made with the assistance of well-known artist Keith Haring.

Keith Haring

Even though these unique ideas and collaborations helped get Sprouse and his designs famous, there was an even bigger collaboration waiting for him. The collaboration was with Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton. In 2001, this partnership Louis Vuitton Graffititook place, and this was where Sprouse used a graffiti styled version of the Louis Vuitton logo and name printed over the traditional designs. This shook up the fashion world, and these pieces sold out very quickly, leading to more success and work between these two icons.

In 2004, Sprouse passed away from heart failure at the age of 50. In 2008, Jacobs went ahead and used Sprouse's own graffiti images to put on handbags, shoes, and scarves for Louis Vuitton. This was his way to honor and remember Sprouse. These products were an instant hit and gained both Jacobs and the late Sprouse more fame and more people following their designs. The partnership that existed between these two changed the fashion scene for generations to come.


Moschino did one of the more recent displays of using graffiti art in the fashion industry. Moschino is an Italian luxury fashion company that specializes in leather shoes, luggage, and fragrances. In 2015, Moschino took their clothing designs and used a natural and raw approach by using a spray can art on the clothing for a catwalk.

Moschino Graffiti

The new reality, street art combined with fashion will always have controversy. It seems, however, that many people appreciate this different but yet important combination of authenticity and originality of style. As these things can be presented in ways of informally formal and expressive. While graffiti art in fashion can be annoying to those who view street art as vandalism, it does motivate people and fosters a sense of unique accessibility to style and culture. Some street art pieces can sell for thousands of dollars, while some fashion pieces using graffiti art can be more affordable.

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